Monday, April 26, 2004

And on a different note: Metallica

I'm trying to burn a compilation CD of all my favorite Metallica songs, but it's proving to be tough. :-\  I may as well just carry all of my CDs with me.

So far (in no particular order):
Ain't my bitch
Wasting my hate
Nothing else matters
Damage Case
Stone Cold Crazy
Stone Dead Forever
Master of Puppets
All Within My Hands
Too Late Too Late

I realized today that I haven't ripped 'And Justice for all...' yet.  Geesh...I've owned the CD for years and I consider it to be their best album (although St. Anger is a close second).

A friend suggested that I look into buying an MP3 player for my car.  I should...I hate lugging CDs around.  I'd love to burn a couple hundred MP3s onto a CD and take it with me.  I may have to look into it.

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